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Explore Photography Techniques with Absolute Wedding Studio

Photography is an art, and a passionate photographer can easily relate to it. The best thing about modern photography is that there are many different techniques to display your art, unlike the old days when only black and white photography was prevalent.

Today, there are many different photographic techniques one can explore with a wedding studio in Lucknow. Moreover, you get to find new methods to incorporate different photography techniques into everyday compositions.

So, if you're also passionate to know various photography techniques, then this post is for you. Here, we shall discuss some incredible photography methods that you may want to learn to incorporate into your composition.

So, let's get started…

1. Black and White Photography

The oldest form of photography; however, today, it has changed a lot. With different settings in cameras, one can click amazing black and white photos. In black and white photography, you basically attempt to convey raw emotion in a scene, such as a gesture, a facial expression, or a difficult-to-express mood.

A black and white photographer can record and share your sentiments about the world in a variety of ways. While shooting in black and white mode, colors are converted into shades of grey. In this type of photography, dark colors create dark tones, light hues become highlights, and tonal contrast is established. The right tonal contrast is what is needed for excellent black and white photography. At our photo studio in Lucknow, we have helped passionate photographers learn this technique and become master of it.

2. Silhouette Photography

It's another beautiful photography technique that most people like because of its amazing outcome. Silhouette photography is characterized by a dark outline against a light background. In this type of photography, your subject appears in a dark form with little detail against a brighter background. More often than not, strong light sources, such as the sun, a clear sky, or studio backdrops are used to create this effect.

This is a fantastic technique to produce one-of-a-kind photos of subjects. Usually, this technique is used in pre-wedding photoshoots, travel photography, and so on.

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3. Candid Photography

Candid photography is one of the most popular photography techniques today. More often than not, this style of photography is used in weddings and events. A candid photograph is one in which the subject is captured without being posed. Candid photography has a photojournalistic feel to it. Rather than directing your subjects to appear a certain way or perform what you desire, you capture what's going on.

This sort of photography is often full of life and emotion, which is why it's grown so popular in the past few decades. It's a perfect technique to capture emotions or moments as they are. You can utilize candid photography techniques for many types of photographs, from wedding photography to family portraiture and newborn photography.

4. Panorama Photography  

Panoramic photography, also known as the photo stitching technique, captures photos with horizontally expanded fields of view. In this technique, you capture multiple photographs in succession. These photographs are then stitched together to form a wider panorama. Most modern digital cameras come with a Panorama feature that allows you to click multiple photographs in succession.

5. Panning Photography Technique

The panning photography technique is gaining a lot of traction in today's scenario. It is a great technique to create amazing photos of special moments or events in life. The method of opening the camera shutter and then horizontally panning the camera before the shutter closes is known as panning in still photography. This technique results in a relatively crisp subject against a fuzzy background.

6. Zoom Blur Effect

The zoom blur effect is quite a popular photography technique that we at wedding studio in Lucknow teach passionate photographers. The best thing about this technique is that it is a relatively easy and effective method to create unique fractured-blur effects in your photos. All you have to do is to set a slower shutter and zoom in or out whilst releasing the shutter to get the zoom blur effect.

7. Bokeh Effect Technique

Another wonderful photography technique that we use at our wedding studio in Lucknow is the Bokeh effect technique. Bokeh refers to the quality of out-of-focus or "blurry" aspects of a picture formed by a camera lens, rather than the amount of blur in the foreground or background of a subject.

It's just the way the background or foreground blur and reflected points of light look and feel. A good bokeh effect is one in which the background has no rough edges or sharpness. The idea is to have no distraction in the background for a powerful bokeh effect. In this technique, the light circles that are round and smooth are present in the blurred area. Lines that are out of focus should be blurred, and connecting points should mix together.

8. Low & High Key Photography

Low & High Key Photography is one of the best photography techniques to create beautiful images. Low-key photography focuses on using mostly dark tones to create a striking image. It utilizes illumination to light only specific sections of the image rather than making black images. However, you have to be very cautious when using illumination to capture a low-key image.
On the other hand, high key photography is a technique in which the lighting ratio in a scene is minimized. More often than not, this technique is used to create the most lively, low-contrast, and happy-looking photographs.

9. Vintage Photography Technique

This age-old method still has a charm of its own. A vintage print is the first print that a photographer prints after developing a negative in photography, and hence they are considered the original piece of art. The term "vintage photography" encompasses a wide range of styles.

This style covers anything from century-old cameras that are no longer in use to cameras that used Kodachrome in the past and even film cameras from the early 2000s. To get stunning vintage-style images, all you need is an inexpensive UV filter and a smear of Vaseline. There are numerous post-processing software that allows you to transform a contemporary shot into a vintage-style photo. It's just how creative you are.

10. The Time-Lapse Photography

Finally, in the list, we have time-lapse photography. In this type of filming technique, the passage of time is compressed. Usually, a natural event takes time. It can take minutes, hours, or even days to occur; but with the time-lapse technique, you can shorten the duration of the event into a brief video or footage that just takes seconds. It is often used to create short and crisp videos.

For example, a couple bike ride in a pre-wedding shoot can take hours to complete, but you can visually summarize the whole occurrences in a film that takes only a few seconds to watch using the time-lapse technique.
Pro tip: The trick to capture the best photographs is to be creative and be ready to explore the different dimensions of photography.

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the ten best photography techniques that every photographer must be aware of in order to find out his or her niche. Having specialized knowledge of these techniques can exponentially help you grow in your field. However, it is imperative to learn these techniques from the best wedding photographers in Lucknow.

All of these techniques mentioned above are very popular and often used in wedding ceremonies, pre-wedding shoots, and other similar events. We at Absolute Wedding Studio use the latest styles to techniques to create wonderful wedding photos. Our team of professional photographers makes sure you get the best photos of your BIG DAY! 

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