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Top 6 Questions to Ask Wedding Photographer

An air of curiosity, happiness and remarkable feelings builds up around us when the announcement of wedding in the family is heard. But, amidst all the preparations, wedding photography plays a crucial role in framing the celebrations in an elegant manner. Hence, to finalize the best wedding photographer, it becomes a must to interact with the professionals beforehand. Particularly, if you are thinking of hiring the top candid photographer in Lucknow, then, a list of questions arises. Here are some of the important questions to ask wedding photographer while planning nuptial events: 

1.   Is the wedding photography schedule available on my D-Day? Who will be shooting my wedding? 

Basically, by getting this query addressed, you can know the availability of the wedding photographer and how many people will execute the shoot. Moreover, if the schedule of the photographer matches your wedding date, then, the next agenda of the individual who will take the charge of wedding coverage shall be discussed. The additional details about the team accompanying the photographer along with the number of assistants to execute the wedding photography plan should also be evaluated.

2.   How long have you been shooting wedding for in totality and what is the number of weddings you have handled? 

After knowing the availability and agenda of photographer’s wedding coverage agenda, the discussion about his active years in the photography should be assessed. On the other hand, the number of weddings covered by him and his team should be explored in an interactive conversation with the photographer.

3.   Could you please show your portfolio and variations of your work? 

Checking the portfolio of wedding photographer is a must to understand the variations in his work. Moreover, you can come across the masterpieces created by him while executing the wedding coverage and it may offer some ideas for your wedding shoot. 

4.   What is your expertise level in shooting candid photography and how do you describe your style?

Since you are searching for the candid photographer in Lucknow for wedding, it is crucial to ask the professional photographer about his expertise level at maintaining candidness in the work. Apart from this, you should also enquire about the core style of photography he retains in his projects primarily while shooting weddings. 

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5.   Do you offer customized wedding photography package according to my requirements?

Undoubtedly, nuptial ceremonies, the number of photos and videos as well as other terms discussed in photography may vary in all the cases. Therefore, you must ask the photographer if he offers customized photography package according to your requirements. If he does not offer custom packages, then, seeking details about the alternative to make wedding photography successful in a budgeted way should be considered. 

6.  Is the cost of alum or prints covered in the wedding photography package? What is the turnaround time to deliver wedding album? 

Initially, the preparations of wedding and zeroing down on the best photographer is planned. Nevertheless, the number of pages in the alum, prospects of additional costs of album and the turnaround time of album delivery need to be aligned without any delay. On the basis of the observation, you should decide which candid wedding photographer should be chosen because the highest quality of album and pricing included in the package or extra charges should all be known before investing on any wedding photography services.
Based on the above points, it can be affirmed that the wedding photography is all about clarity of thoughts and precision in the execution of the vision. Thus, clarifying these questions from the wedding photographers is a must.