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Ultimate story-telling needs a keen eye of photographer to record timeless moments

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Portraying imagination and excellence through cinematic wedding photography

Wedding photography is not just about random clicks and shots. In fact, the innovative wedding photo-shoot comprises of artistically conceptualized photography services. This is how Absolute Wedding Studio makes the art of story-telling as the base to offer cinematic wedding photography services. Over the past decade, we have celebrated multiple journeys of love and offered couple countless reasons to cherish the memorable moments of their D-Day. Call it a video form of candid photography or narration of the D-Day in a picturesque way, our cinematic wedding photography services are intended at creating exceptional records through our imaginative excellence.

Making each moment of D-Day count with cinematic wedding photography

If you have been searching for something special other than traditional photography, then, cinematic wedding photography should be tried. From a mix of speeches, dance and performance and other forms of story-telling will make this wedding photography extraordinary. At Absolute Wedding Studio, we blend experience, expertise and experiment to deliver the best services of wedding photography.

Why Choose Us

As a part of cinematic wedding photography, we make sure relaxed and candid way of capturing various moments is chosen for the D-Day coverage. Every moment is valuable for us to use it as a source of story-telling in our wedding photography services. We focus on expressions than letting eye contact of subject notice our photographers to shoot in a natural way. From camera orientation, poses, adding portrait cinematic effect to other considerations are taken by us to make our wedding photography services exclusive. We ensure that wider aspect ratio is focused on while shooting cinematic wedding moments. Absolute Wedding Studio is the reliable team of wedding photographers known for consistent and proven track record.

What We Cover

We emphasize on story-telling and highlight the special moments of wedding through cinematic wedding photography. Wide aspect ratio, orientation of the camera, focusing on the subject and use visual story telling as chief elements of our cinematic wedding photoshoot. We use variety of compositions to give photos and videos a broader perspective of the scene. Besides, a cinematic portrait, retaining emotions and reflecting over the chemistry of the couple are some of the other aspects that we cover as a part of cinematic wedding photography services.