Wedding is the most auspicious occasion for a person and every one wants to make their wedding most memorable day of their life so that their new journey with love of their life began on a happy note .Wedding in India means a great event with lots of pomp and show. As it shows how colorfull our culture has been over the years it is always a feel good vibe when you get married as you are the centre of attraction for every one.Back in old days wedding was arranged by our parents and relatives. They themselves handled every thing from catering to lighting and checking out locations.But now the trend has changed professionals are hired for wedding preparations and this trend is taking charge in lucknow as well now every one is looking for a wedding planner in lucknow as our life has become so busy that we don’t want to take headache of making arrangements for the wedding instead all of us want to sit back and enjoy the wedding and other functions .When it comes to wedding planners in lucknow Absolute wedding planner is the you should trust the most as they one the best wedding plaaners in lucknow .Absolute wedding planner with their skilled and hardworking staff makes sure that your wedding is the most memorable day of your and your partner’s life and all arrangements from catering to decoration to lighting is just perfect that your wedding seems far much more alluring than you dreamed.
Come autumn every year, comes the season of love. One where Lucknow is burgeoning with weddings taking place all over the city. It has been now for years, one of the places with the most number of wedding being organized in the last few years. With weddings, come the responsibility of organizing the events such as the engagement, wedding and the reception. Every couple nowadays is on the lookout for something different, something extravagant, something which is the talk of the town for a long time. Hence its safe to say that there’s no shortage of wedding planners and event management services in this hustling city of Lucknow. Along with planning the whole event, a lot of clients also require highly professional photographers and videographers, who can stick from the beginning to the very end to capture these valuable moments, and for sharing them for years to come. This has hence led to a high concentration of beginner and amateur photographers in the business and it become really difficult to pick professionals who can execute the job exceptionally and capture moments in a way that can be cherished forever. We at Absolute Wedding Studio recognize this growing need of clients, which makes us strive harder to do our job as an event planner service, wedding planning and photography related services to keep us at the top of the game. With a wide array of services under our belt, we at Absolute Wedding Studio provide assistance with almost every step of a wedding process, to deliver a seamless, beautifully executed wedding without any hiccup. Our team of professional pre-wedding photographers and videographers are extremely talented at their jobs and always work for a better shot, a better take to make sure turn every moment as precious as one that can be looked back at for years. There also has been the rise of a new trend, a new demand for pre-wedding shoots in Lucknow which a lot of our clients desire to get done before the wedding ceremony. Again, becoming a saturation right after being introduced into the market, our professionals at Absolute Wedding Studios have creative genes flowing to come up with the most beautiful, abstract and awe-inspring ideas and themes for the pre-wedding shoots. A concern for many is how to stand out when almost every other couple is indulging in these pre-wedding shoots. We realize this need and strive to fulfil the craziest of the client’s ideas. The one idea that changes the focus entirely and makes the shoot even more memorable is the involvement of friends of the bride and the groom. Inviting friends not only make the shoot more fun but it also is an opportunity for a lot of real candid laughter moments, courtesy of cracking inappropriate, private jokes, revisiting the old memories and making the shoot lively in a way technology cannot. A vintage themed shoot is also a stunning idea with the elaborate set of dresses, accessories, huge hats, gramophones, Victorian balconies, and yesteryear memorabilia in general. It is also very hard to go wrong with and certainly adds a unique flair and charm to the shoot. Another rather unconventional, but clever way is conducting the shoot in the war confines of your home, the one place where the couple usually has spent a lot of their time. This does open a lot of possibilities for candid, subtly intimate and romantic shots which might not be possible to be captured outdoors. Instead of going to the same forts, the same palaces where most couples get their shoots done, one can choose some interesting, off beat locations such as a vineyard, a beer factory or abandoned old railway stations, which quite frankly, make this a whole lot easier to bring out the best of everyone. Also, ditching all other cliched themes and having to try too hard to create memories, the shoot can be based in places that are closer to the couple’s hearts, be it a beach, be it a hillock with a view of the sky and the city or any other place where the two would ha ve spent significant time with each other and the shoot will only add to the radiance of the couple.
When in Lucknow what come first in your mind is its rich heritage and culture often reffered as City of Nawabs Lucknow is well known all over the world for its delicious cuisine and Chikan Work. People of lucknow are always known for soft spoken tongue and Tehzeeb as it is called land of Tehzeeb . No one can ignore their hearts falling for delicious food in Lucknow from Tunday Kebabi To Idris ki Biryani and Lucknawi Paan every thing is just so mouth watering you cant resist yourself from eating and getting fat . Cultural Heritage in Lucknow is so rich and varied that it takes us back to the time and we get to see some of the finest examples of Muhgal Architecture be it Imambara or the Rumi darwaza all work is so fine that even today they are the best places to visit in Lucknow. Lucknow is famous for its chikan work all over the world the handmade chikan embroidery over the kurta’ s is just so mesmerisng that you cannot stop yourself from purchasing them.Nur jahan developed this chikan embroidery with fabrics includinf like Muslin, silk, cotton etc . Pre Wedding is one the most growing trends and most important part of the wedding and choosing destitnations for the pre wedding shoots is the most hectic tasks as every couple wasnts to have their pre wedding shoots at some of the most talked places in a city and with great architectural development which gives them a perfect background. Lucknow has a wide range of places to choose from from Historical places to Modern day designs with alluring architecture that defines beauty of the city and are just perfect enough for your pre wedding shoots. Bara Imambara – Built in 1784 by Asaf –ud- Daula Nawab of Awadh is the most visited place in the lucknow especially by the foreign visitors.It was built by the nawab to provide work to the public during a devastating femine and is the only structure in the world which is bulid without the use of a single iron rods. Bara Imambara consists of a Mosque, a bawli ( step well ) and a Bhul Bhullayyia which is said to have 1024 ways to reach the terrace but only one to come back .Pre wedding shoots will look awesome with its big gateways, alluring tombs and pillars .If you want to look prepossessing day and night view of the Imambara you should visit here early morning with the sun slowly rising it will give you a perfect shot for your pre wedding shoot. Gomti Riverfront – Built on the banks of river gomti and was opened to public in 2017 it is one of the massive waterfronts with lush greenery and braod pathways built in Mughal style and ghats with boating facility and musical fountains with multi coloured lights can be good choice for your pre wedding shoots with both land and water in the background. Residency – This British period historical landmark built by the Nawab of Lucknow as house residence for the British Genneral and was the prominent places during the rebellion of 1857 and now present here as a ruin with lot of greenery will be a good option to shoot who likes to explore historical places with best time to visit Residency is morning to avoid crowd . Amedkar Park – The park has featured in many Bollywood movies and many hit songs are shot here at this location and is the fine example of modern designs with great statues and lush flooring and a great dome with a large stairway and has enough appeling beauty for your pre wedding photoshoots, the park has number of places in itself to shoot at . Lohia Park – Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park is located in Gomti Nagar with ample trees and greenery and looks beautifull and natural and it can add a beauty of nature to your pre wedding shoots and is quiet place with less disturbance. Dilkusha Garden- Built in English Baroque style in 18th century in dilkusha area , Dilkusha kothi and its magnificent garden is a place definetly to shoot your pre wedding album . The ruins of this place are historical with silence and peace all over gives a romantic feel and makes a good place to shoot with your bae . Janeshwar Mishra Park- It was made by Akhilesh Yadav and was opened in 2014 the park is one the place that sees top footfall on a regular basis. Park has a large lake with lot of trees and grasses all over with bridegs over the lake and boat rides is surely going to make you choose this one for your pre wedding shoots . Kudia Ghat -Situated near Imambara , Kudiya Ghat is famous for boating and gives a good tinch of culture to the photography with fresh colofull picture captured with nature . Rumi Darwaza – Loacted near the bara Imambara it was built in 1780 by Nawab Asaf-ud-daula it derives its inspiration from huge entrance gate at Istanbul and show the cultural heritage of Lucknow and a shot on the road with Rumi Darwaza in the background is surely going to add some royalty in your pre wedding album. Sikandar Bagh – It was built by Wajid ali shah in the memory of his beloved queen Sikander Mahal and it marks love on the land of Lucknow and it is must visit if like historical places and definetly it will add some good memories in your pre wedding album .
Pre wedding shoot, the term that is raging like a wildfire theses days in context of marriage ceremonies taking place all over the country. How did this trend rise so high that it has become a staple, a necessity of a couple’s marriage ceremony and the whole wedding process ? Also often referred to as an engagement shoot, a pre wedding shoot is one that usually takes place in a time frame of three to six months prior to the wedding day. An engagement shoot can actually be beneficial to the couples in a few different ways. Firstly, it gets the bride, the groom and the families build a good rapport with their wedding photographers and videographers, which is evident in the case of hiring the same professionals to document the main wedding day. The couple can get acquainted with the photographer’s shooting style, and feel more comfortable in general, so the whole process becomes easy as a breeze. Another important aspect, which can be very beneficial for the photographer is that he/she can also get the time know more about the bride and groom as a couple, the characters, how affectionate the bride and the groom are with each other, how formal or casual their styles are. This will help the photographer create a suitable aura and setting, that will appeal to the both of them during their pre-wedding shoot and eventually, on their wedding day. Pre wedding moments are so hyped, mostly because they have the potential to capture the romantic times for the couple. It also is very common to see the couples happily rediscover the initial chemistry in their relationships and relive those sparks during the pre wedding shoot. The shoot, hence, is a great way to create everlasting memories for the couple and their families as well. These important aspects and factors need to be considered while finding someone to capture the wedding, the pre wedding shoot and the whole ceremony in general, the capability of the photographers to create these unforgettable memories with ease, and to bring out the best of the bride and the groom. It is indeed a slightly tough job to hunt for such professionals but in the end, the process does have its own rewards. There are so many factors that can influence the creation of candid engagement pictures for the pre-wedding photographers in Lucknow. The foremost factor would be the ability of the pictures to narrate, to capture the couples’ story, how realistically their emotions can be captured by the lens of the professionals. The pictures are supposed to hold the spirit of the story, the story of who they are, how they began, or how their essence can be portrayed as a couple. The photographer’s job hence, is not only limited to press the shutter, but to get in the depth of their bond, their relation, how both of them can bring out the best of each others, and then the job for the photographer is given way to, to capture these golden moments into a set of few pictures. For example, if the bride and the groom both like hiking, then it would be the obvious first choice for the photographer to understand where he/she will be able to feel the vibes the most, where the couple can be more lively, and it also would be a pro to have a mountainous backdrop or the natural scenery dominating the shoot. Above all, it is about aggravating the emotions, the bond that is supposed to bring overall vibrancy to the pictures. In such cases, the photographers should be willing to go the extra mile, take that extra effort to get to know these essentials, these little things that might be a contributing factor for the couple’s wonderful bond, to capture the essence of the bride and the groom as humans, toward each other. It also is about creating a zone which can comfortably house all three of them, to ensure the shoot is anything but uncomfortable or unnatural. The pre wedding photographers also have the responsibility to create a chain, a track of the ceremonies leading to the wonderful day where the couple tie their knot, the ceremonies which are supposed to bring both the families closer, along with the bride and groom. The pre wedding photography professionals have to ensures that all these intimate, glorious ceremonies are captured as candidly as possible in photographic memories, along with being etched in the minds of everyone involved We make sure that the bride and groom along with all the family members are clicked in their best poses. The pre wedding photographers also have the responsibility to add substance and poise to the shoot, to create an aura with the simplest of efforts and minimalistic instructions and more of candid moments during the ceremonies. With the vision of nurturing the couple’s relationship through the pre wedding shoot, and creating a stunning story like album that can be looked back and revisited by the couple and loved ones should be evident in the the photographer’s mind at the time of capturing this story with their lens and a tactful approach. They should be able to immortalize this special day in the form of photographic memories and create the magic using just their lens. After all, this event of two souls becoming one is not that easy to capture and the photographers should have the knack to be able to do so. The photographers have to act as the couple’s close companion to portray their story through these candid wedding photo shoots, and by reverberating the joy of all these wedding moments.
Lucknow has witnessed a very high concentration of photographers in various genres and categories. Ones that can shoot portfolios for modelling agencies, wildlife photographers, food, culture, event and wedding photographers. There is no shortage of talent in the city and agencies that provide these photographers. It is also very easy to find the services based on the requirements. Photography agencies are aplenty based on what the location and occasion is. There is raw talent everywhere but the sharpened ones are slightly tough to find. Here is a guide on how to find the best wedding photographers in Lucknow. Lucknow witnesses an insane number of wedding events, corporate and other sorts of events. And one might have a lot of contacts in the city, which makes it even easier to get in touch with the agencies or photographers that have previously worked for these acquaintances. In short, ‘the word of mouth’ is probably the fastest and easiest way to hunt photography agencies or individual professionals or freelancers and contact them through reference. This makes the job lot efficient and the references may also lead to getting some concession on the package prices that the photographer or agency might charge the regular customers. Finding photographer services online is also a breeze. Websites like canvera.com are the easiest ways to browse through the list of available photographers or agencies in and around Lucknow. There are tons of these and browsing through these becomes easier on the basis of the ratings give by previous clients, the category, budget and the portfolios of the individual professionals or agencies. The website has every kind of services for any kind of clients, based on the budget and the type of photography the client requires. The top categories are wedding photography, services for babies and kids photography, fashion portfolio services, commercial and corporate events and also a lot of travel photography. Based on the need of the hour, one can browse through the endless list of services and shortlist the ones for further selection, and then send their detailed enquiries to the desired shortlisted agencies or individuals to get the quotes and match them with their requirements. Sulekha is also one of the top choices for hunting for photography services in Lucknow. With more than 1000 verified photography services listed on the website, one can choose from wedding photography services, photo post processing services, event photography services, kids photography services, portrait photography services, product photography services and commercial photography services. There are also a lot of subcategories in the service types such as album creation, candid photography, candid videography, instant photo print services, old or damaged photo restoration, passport photo services, personalized photo gifts, photo booth services, traditional photography, traditional videography and video tapes to CD conversion. One can also filter the area in which the agency or the individual photographer’s studios are based which might be helpful as Lucknow is pretty huge. Another very useful and overlooked website is JustDial. It has numerous listings og photography agencies, individual photography and videography professionals with their contact details and addresses. One can also sign up with JustDial and get what they call the Best Deal on services listed on the website. The services or studios can be filtered based on the locations. With options from photographers in Gomati Nagar, photographers in Hazrat Ganj, photographers in Lucknow GPO, photographers in Alambag and photographers in Aliganj, it becomes easier to choose from the available services listed on the website, depending on the occasion, be it wedding photography, travel photography, commercial or product photography, any kinds of requirements can be fulfilled by the wide range of studios and agencies in the city. Also, a dedicated website for wedding photography services, wedmegood.com has an extensive list of wedding photography services available in Lucknow. There are more than 150 dedicated services for wedding related photography and videography, which can be filtered based on the locations, the number of days and the type of services needed, which may include just the photography services or integrated packages for photography and videography, which will eventually make the whole package a lot more reasonable. The services can be sorted based on the average ratings given by the clients, which are visible while shortlisting the services tailored for the user and also based on the budget, with plans and services available for all groups, ranging from less than Rs. 50000 for a day to more than Rs. 200,000 a day. There is also a blog on the website with interesting posts related to weddings, wedding planning and photography related services to offer just that more insight into the whole process and give the users a better idea of what they should expect for the money they are paying and the end result being an album with exceptionally good pictures and videos.